Retractable Hose

Hide a Hose wall retracting hose kit

Making ducted vacuums even better!

The question of where do I store my ducted vacuum hose has been answered with the Hide A Hose system. Instead of rolling the hose up and putting it away in a cupboard you simply block the suction at the end of the hose with the palm of your hand and the hose retracts back into the wall. The hide a hose kits come in 4 different sizes, 9 metre, 12 metre, 15 metre and 18 metre making it possible to install in all types of homes.

There are many ways to install a Hide A Hose system for your ducted vacuum.You can have one Hide A Hose inlet installed along with several standard inlets. The hide a hose pulls completely out of the wall and plugs into any of the other inlets in order to vacuum the whole house. When you are finished vacuuming you take the hose back to the hide a hose inlet and in sucks itself back up the wall.

You can also have a hide a hose inlet for every inlet in your home so you just go to the inlet you need to vacuum near and pull the hide a hose out of the wall.
A cost effective way to install a hide a hose system is to have just one inlet per level of your home and use a long hose (ie 15 metre). With the hide a hose inlet installed in a central location you only need to pull the amount of hose from the wall that you need to use at the time. You only ever need to extend the hose the full 15 metres when you are vacuuming to the far corners of your home. Many single level homes can use just one hide a hose inlet to reach the whole home making it very convenient and easy to use. Often the inlet can be installed next to the kitchen and eating areas where most mess is made and only a few metres of hose is needed to be pulled from the wall for regular fast clean ups


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